Not in MY Backyard

This training will discuss the creation of the Safe Harbor Docket in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. Based on House Bill 262, the Safe Harbor Docket was designed to divert victims of human trafficking with co-occurring delinquency. Launched in 2015, the docket emphasizes the importance of a Multi-Disciplinary Team of professionals that assess victims for a continuum of care and build community ties vital for recovering victims. The training will provide an in-depth look at the development of such a docket and the community partnerships necessary for the program’s success. Trials, tribulations and successes will be candidly discussed as the program has evolved from its inception to present. Case studies will also be provided as participants are guided through a case from referral to graduation. This training is offered from the perspective of both the Court as well as the social service and law enforcement agencies involved with the project. Information on best practices for victims of human trafficking will also be provided along with a cost/benefit analysis for working with this difficult population