5 Generations, 1 Table: Creating Effective Mutlidisciplinary Team (MDTs) engagement and collaboration when responding to Human Trafficking

The multi-faceted face of human trafficking survivorship requires a mix of services and approaches to address the ever-changing case presentations.   In addition to creating partnerships with public health professionals, community-based organizations, health care, legal aid, law enforcement, behavioral health, social services and survivors, your multidisciplinary treatment maybe filled with diverse generational perspectives. The power of social dynamics and the combination of Y-ers, Millennials, X-ers, Boomers and Traditionalist at the same table may present a polar division between generational perspectives and workplace goals/values.

This workshop will explore building a comprehensive multidisciplinary team in order to create a safe space to meet the various needs of an individual experiencing trafficking and their family members.  The workshop will help participants understanding the differences in perspectives and explore ways to unite those varying approaches.